Drones and aerial imaging have become an incredibly powerful tool in media production. The ability to fly and operate a camera free from the tethers of gravity have opened up an entire new range of shot options. An aerial image can portray space in a way that no ground shot could hope to achieve. These aerial images can be used to better show a location, distance or space in relation to a project. With so much flexibility aerial imaging can be used to effectively establish an area at the beginning of a video or photos, and show a location from new angles.

With years of experience using drones for clients such as TSN and Discovery channel, safety and respect is the number one concern. Our team is fully certified with Transport Canada's SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) program, along with full Special Risk SRIM insurance that allows us to operate in a fully controlled and safe manor. Taking the correct steps, and working through the correct channels means that drones can operate in most conditions. Don't trust your business needs to an amateur drone operator, fly safe, work with the professionals.

When the conditions prevent the use of drones, Visual Endeavour operates from helicopter and light aircraft platforms. Regardless of the situation, weather conditions or equipment requirements, Visual Endeavour has the capability to meet your aerial imaging needs.   

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