Our Pilot Projects

One of the most fundamental aspects of digital media creation is identifying new technologies and finding the capacity that they can be used most effectively in.

Visual Endeavour has implemented new imaging technologies in a variety of ways through our past projects. When the opportunity arrises we have created new projects from scratch, from the creative conception, to the execution of the media through the shooting, editing and delivery.

Out latest project: Session Atlas, is a prime example of using technologies in a new capacity.

Session Atlas functions as a virtual guide to North American skate parks, using drone and gimbal technology to move the camera through the skate parks in a way that gives a true sense of spatial awareness. These videos give a form of virtual tour of a skate park, allowing people to view and determine the layout of facilities far better than a traditional photo. Using this method of aerial and video imaging Visual Endeavour created a map database that lists and organizes skate parks across the continent. 

Using this method we've fine tuned the virtual tour into a product that can be offered for almost any location and product on web based mediums. 

To see the web site and full list

Session Atlas Virtual Skate Park Tour

See how Visual Endeavour used drone and imaging technology to categorize, capture and list skate parks across North America. Take the virtual tour!


Session Atlas: Alberta - Hinton Skate Park

A sample tour of Hinton, Alberta's skate park.

Session Atlas: Day-Session: Guelph Line

Sample from Session Atlas: Day-Session: Guelph Line

Session Atlas: Feature Finder

The Session Atlas Feature Finder